New Taste Marketplace in Potrero Saturday June 22nd


The crowd at New Taste Marketplace. Photo courtesy New Taste.

The next ~NEW TASTE MARKETPLACE~ is hitting Potrero this Saturday June 22nd from 12pm-5pm. The market is held at St. Gregory’s, and this time around, check out 30 different local vendors, including Brilliant Elixirs, Hella Lumpia, and Wooden Spoons. Almanac Brewing will be at the outdoor beer and wine garden, and proceeds benefit The Food Pantry at St. Gregory’s Church. 500 DeHaro St. at Mariposa.

Debuting at the Marketplace is a new project from the ~FROZEN KUHSTERD~ team, called ~SUGAR AND SPUN~. They’re offering cotton candy, spun using unrefined sugar with unexpected and locally sourced flavors. Look for a vanilla latte flavor with Four Barrel coffee, and a spiced mango with freeze-dried mango and a dusting of cayenne on top. Rockin’. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for news about upcoming sugary happenings and new flavors.

Event Info

Saturday Jun 22, 2013
St. Gregory's
550 DeHaro St. at Mariposa