Prepare Your Tastebuds for the Soy & Chocolate Taste Project


Minh Tsai, Michael Recchiuti, and Dean Ku at Hodo Soy working on a dish.

An event about soy and chocolate? Intriguing…Especially when Michael Recchiuti and Minh Tsai, founder and tofu master of Oakland’s Hodo Soy Beanery are involved. On Saturday August 28th, these two local food artisans will lead participants through the latest installment of Recchiuti’s ~TASTE PROJECT~. This session is designed to be an exploration of the creation of artisan tofu and chocolate, and the many intriguing and unexpected flavor pairings these two versatile ingredients bring to the table. You’ll discover the many dimensions of tofu through a series of deconstructed tastings, get a private tour of Recchiuti’s production kitchen, and taste sweet and savory dishes created just for this event.

You can expect a welcome treat upon arrival, five-six courses of savory/sweet appetizer-sized tastings created exclusively by Michael for the Taste Project, including: caramelized soy beans with Recchiuti semisweet chocolate, yuba (tofu skin) and chocolate “ravioli,” tofu chocolate bonbons, a soy-based cocktail, a chef’s surprise, and much more (menu subject to change based on availability of seasonal market finds). Plus you will leave with a gift, and select Recchiuti and Hodo Soy products will be available for purchase with a special 10% Taste Project discount.

Event Info

Saturday Aug 28, 2010
$75 pre-registration online/$80 at the door
Recchiuti kitchens in San Francisco