You'd think I was Italian or something with all these Italian events for this week. (You might as well get used to it.) This Wednesday, March 8, ~A16~ will be celebrating "La Festa Della Donna," which is International Women's Day. In Italy, all you see are yellow mimosa flowers everywhere to commemorate the day—women have the sunny yellow flowers in their hair and carry bouquets proudly through the streets. It's pretty gorgeous. A16 will be celebrating that night with all of its female chefs doing their magic in the kitchen, adding specials to the regular menu that showcase each chef's personal passions. Expect delicioso dishes like a crudo appetizer, ricotta gnocchi and a chocolate budino. Wine Director Shelly Lindgren will highlight wines produced by female winemakers, and a portion of the evening's proceeds will be donated to one of my favorite causes, La Cocina, a nonprofit organization in the Mission District that helps low-income women entrepreneurs develop food-related businesses. Mimosas (the flower, silly) will be in effect. Consider honoring the ladies in your life and bring them to dinner. Nothing says I love you like burrata.