Dine Around

Trying to figure out where to eat on Wednesday night? Join thousands of neighbors and friends in neighborhoods all over the city in ~DINE AROUND~, providing much-needed financial support for those fighting AIDS and breast cancer, by simply eating a meal out. When you have dinner at any of the participating 48 neighborhood restaurants, you not only support local chefs, you help raise funds for two great charities: AIDS Emergency Fund and Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Participating restaurants have agreed to donate 25% of their food and beverage receipts from this day.

Some restaurants are doing breakfast and lunch too—why not pick up a burger at Custom for lunch, and then do dinner at Firefly? Some of the restaurants on the list are Anchor Bar, Chez Spencer, Metro Kathmandu, luella, and Destino—check out the entire line-up here.

Dine Around
Wed., Nov. 14, 2007

San Francisco, CA
Various locations