Ferragosto at Piccino

Flickr photo by xbluegoox.

Now, ~FERRAGOSTO~ is traditionally held in Italy in mid-August—everyone goes to the beach or holds a picnic in the hills. Piccino decided to do their own little party, and let's just say a La Caja China roasting box will be figuring prominently. They plan to slow-roast a whole butterflied pig in this baby, while grilling Padron peppers, sausages, and whatever else catches their fancy at the market the day before over the top coals. They'll also have a few fun wines on hand, plus their current line-up of pizzas, salads, and desserts. No reservations required, just gather a few friends, don your casual duds, and come on down to the sunny Dogpatch.

Sun. Aug. 30th, 2009

801 22nd St.
Cross: Tennessee St.
San Francisco, CA 94107


12pm–until the food runs out