Festa Dell'Olio Nuovo Dinner

I already adore DaVero olive oil like you wouldn’t believe (so does Bruce Hill—it’s what he puts on the soft-serve ice cream at Pizzeria Picco), so my ears definitely pricked up over this upcoming dinner at COCO5OO: ~FESTA DELL'OLIO NUOVO~, a five-course dinner featuring just-pressed virgin oil from DaVero's Dry Creek Estate in Healdsburg, Sonoma.

"In Italy, 'olio nuovo' is a coveted treat, with strong, feisty flavors that are well suited to winter dishes. Those of you who have had ours before know that it's something special and short-lived; we offer it only in the winter months. While we use it on just everything we eat, we may be a bit extreme. But we're sure you'll find that it's an extraordinary addition to winter dishes...there's simply nothing better!"—Ridgely Evers and Colleen McGlynn, DaVero Olive Oil.

Festa Dell'Olio Nuovo Dinner
Tue., Dec. 4, 2007

500 Brannan St.
Cross: Fourth St.
San Francisco, CA 94107



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