Globe Sunday Farm Dinner

I had a nice chat with Jason Tallent at ~GLOBE~, who gave me more details about his weekly Sunday Farm Dinner—for a miniscule $29, each Sunday you can come in for a four-course meal crafted spontaneously from his organic finds at the market that weekend. He has a great rapport with a number of farmers who supply him with quality product, and cut him a deal or stoke him with some freebies so he can keep the special menu price so low. Regulars have been coming to Globe for this "on the fly" dinner for the past couple years, which has slowly evolved over time. Tallent has a limited supply of ingredients, and it's a popular dinner, so unlike your usual Globe dining time, don't saunter in too late—by 11pm or so and it's off the menu.

Globe Sunday Farm Dinner
Sundays (until 10pm)

290 Pacific Ave
Cross: Battery St.
San Francisco, CA 94111