San Francisco Natural Wine Week

Another excuse to hit the bottle is here: ~SAN FRANCISCO NATURAL WINE WEEK~. Various locations around town will be featuring organic and biodynamic wines on their lists. No tickets are needed, just show up (but keep in mind normal reservation policies apply at both Uva Enoteca and Nopa). Follow the event website for more details on who is doing what at each location, but here's how it's mapping out thus far:

8/24 Monday – Terroir

8/25 Tuesday – Biondivino

8/26 Wednesday – Uva Enoteca

8/27 Thursday – Arlequin Wine Merchant

8/28 Friday – Nopa

8/29 Saturday afternoon (Italian whites) – The Jug Shop

8/30 Sunday – Natural Wine Symposium hosted at Terroir (2pm)

Tickets for the symposium are $15 and can be purchased directly through Arlequin Wine Merchant. Please call 415-863-1104 or email ian [at] arlequinwine [dot] com to purchase a ticket.

San Francisco Natural Wine Week
Mon. Aug. 24th–Sun. Aug. 30th, 2009

Various locations