Slow Food on Film

~SLOW FOOD ON FILM~ highlights international documentaries dedicated to food memory and to the controversies surrounding agriculture and food industry. Slow Food San Francisco invites you to the US film premiere of Strawberry Fields, Special Mention of Honour for Best Documentary at the Slow Food on Film Festival 2008 in Bologna, Italy. (The originally scheduled film, The Price of Sugar, will be shown at a later date.)

“Strawberry Fields is a documentary by an Israeli filmmaker about a day in the life of Palestinian farmers in Gaza. It's a moving documentary portrait about the courage of ordinary people caught in a war zone.

“When we think of Gaza on the Mediterranean Sea we remember the news reports about Israel's decision in 2005 to disengage from the strip and withdraw its settlers...and all the drama that that entailed. But how often do we, so far away, get a real sense of life on the ground, for ordinary people? What is life like for the more than one million Palestinians in that fertile but troubled strip?

“Ayelet Heller, a sensitive Israeli filmmaker, was curious about life in Gaza and set out to tell the story of Palestinian farmers. What she produced is a remarkable portrait of the courage of people to just get on with their the middle of a war zone.”

In addition, a preview of Deborah Garcia's latest film about soil will be shown. At 9pm, there will be a reception following the screening, with Fra' Mani Salumi, Harley Farms Cheese, dessert, and beverages, with wine sold by the glass.

Slow Food on Film: Strawberry Fields
Fri., July 25, 2008

Delancey Street Theater
600 Embarcadero
Cross: Beale St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

650-589-SLOW (7569)


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