Southern Style at La Cocina

Check out this event announcement from the fab folks at La Cocina. I took a tamale-making class with them a few months ago, loved it, and can only imagine how good this one will be! This class is ~SOUTHERN STYLE: GUMBO, PECAN PIE AND A HEALTHY LOOK AT OLD HABITS~. Here’s more:

“We’re looking at Southern classics in a new light, focusing on preparing dishes with a light touch and a focus on local, organic ingredients. Hear about the history of southern cuisine while you learn how to make gumbo from the bottom up and finish your meal with a sweet ending.

“La Cocina is proud to present our first cooking class of 2008, Gumbo, Pecan Pie and a Healthy Look at Old Habits with Chef Dionne Knox. Have you ever wanted to make the food that you've dreamed about, and not feel guilty afterwards? Dionne, owner of Zella's Soulful Kitchen, has mastered her grandmother's recipes, modernized them from her own healthy perspective, and now she's bringing them to you.

“Join La Cocina, and 20 other classmates, as we go through the basics of making a healthy, and incredibly delicious, gumbo from scratch. Participants will build their gumbo from the bottom up, make their own pecan pies and then join the chef and La Cocina staff for a beautiful dinner to enjoy the fruits (and gumbo) of their labor.”

The Chef
Dionne Knox, Zella's Soulful Kitchen: Dionne began at La Cocina with a dream to cook the food her grandmother had cooked with a modern twist. Last year, she took over at Corner's Cafe in Youth Uprising in East Oakland. A year later and she's learned the industry inside and out, turned the cafe around, and now she's ready to share that knowledge with the world.

The Drinks
La Cocina family members Duggan McDonnell from Cantina and Courtney Cochran from Hip Tastes provide their recommendations for the pairings to fly us through this lovely meal. Think Southern Comfort (before it was a brand! when it actually meant comfort, in a Southern way) like mint juleps with a San Francisco twist, and modern wines to pair with the deep flavors of gumbo.

The Dinner
Nothing tastes as good as the food your hands have touched. We will sit down to a meal of fresh-baked cornbread, your gumbo, several Southern sides, and a dessert of pecan pie.

Southern Style
Wed., Mar. 26, 2008

La Cocina
2948 Folsom St.
Cross: 25th St.
SF, CA 94110




(a portion is tax-deductible)