The Art and History of Tamales: A History Lesson in Three Parts

No, you don’t have to get drunk and hope the Tamale Lady shows up the next time you’re craving tamales. Join La Cocina entrepreneurs Dilsa Lugo, Maria del Carmen Flores, and Veronica Salazar for a ~TAMALE CLASS~, where you will learn how to prepare three types of tamales while learning about their history, cultural relevance, and regional variations. You'll walk away with an understanding of why the tamale you buy from one cart is different from another, and three no-fail recipes for preparing your own at home.

You will also enjoy some paired wines from Courtney Cochran of Hip Tastes, and then everyone will sit down to the kind of meal that food-lovers dream about: Tamales, of course, with a bevy of Mexican antojitos, Salvadoran side dishes, and Dilsa's Mexican desserts.

Space is limited—there’s only room for 19 students, so order your tickets now! A portion is tax-deductible.

The chefs:

Veronica Salazar, El Huarache Loco
Veronica, the co-winner of the annual Tamales by the Bay, will present her tamales with mole, a classic from Mexico City. Cornhusks, pulled chicken, and homemade mole, these are not to be missed.

Maria del Carmen Flores, Estrellita's Snacks
Think tamales only come one way? Maria's Salvadoran tamales, wrapped in banana leaves, will change the way you think about tamales. Filled with slow-roasted pork, garbanzo beans, and olives, you will not forget these tamales.

Dilsa Lugo, Los Cilantros
Dilsa's focus on local and organic ingredients give her classic tamales a twist. Locally-grown chiles, with the balance of cheese, make a perfect combination of flavors for Dilsa's corn-husk wrapped tamales.

The Art and History of Tamales; A History Lesson in Three Parts
Wed., Dec. 19, 2007

La Cocina
2948 Folsom St.
Cross: 25th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110



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