Valentine's Day

Yes, $%#@ ~VALENTINE’S DAY~ is creeping up. Love it, hate it, whatever, the city erupts in events and all kinds of opportunities for you to blow some cash. If you’re wondering where to take your sweetie that night, I say pick your favorite place and call and see what they’re offering that night. Here are a few fun ideas below for singles and couples alike.

Tonight is the perfect night for singles to get together with friends and have a group dinner. Take back the rose-studded night! I was in Australia last year, but the year before we had a big ole group of at least 12 and held our “Lonelyhearts Dinner” at Taiwan on Clement Street, which turned into quite a feast for a whopping $20 each.

You could set up a banquet dinner at Lichee Garden, do a party menu at Tortilla Heights (for $24 each!) and get drunk on tequila and maybe make out with your friend at the end of the night, host an old-school pizza party at Gaspare’s, or get a big round table at Bodega Bistro or PPQ Dungeness Island and feast on some crab and other Vietnamese delights! No need to stay in and feel like a loser—besides, anyone in a bar that night is probably single, so go out afterwards and have fun.

W is hosting “Feel the Wuv Day,” with a variation of the spin the bottle game in the XYZ Bar with Jimmyjane from 6pm–8pm. Guests will be given an exclusive W Hotels + Jimmyjane SPIN ME game, which includes a bottle filled with provocative adventure strips. Each strip includes two possibilities: one suited for public play, the other intended for private enjoyment. Ahem. There’s also a tasting menu in the XYZ restaurant, with three courses for $65 ($30 for a wine flight) or a four-course tasting menu for $78 ($40 for a wine flight).

I gotta hand it to Presidio Social Club, while it may not be the most romantic destination per se, they do have one of the least expensive dinners I have seen: three courses for $48. Might be good for that person you just started seeing… Tim Stookey has also whipped up two drinks specials for that night. Think pink.

Hey, why go out when you can stay in and cook? Granted, this option won’t exactly save you money, but it will save you time if you are trying to prepare a dinner yourself. You can use Cook! and order the Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two at $125 (plus delivery fees; vegetarian option available). The menu offers four courses infused with legendary aphrodisiacs, all fully measured and prepped along with simple step-by-step instructions. Here’s the menu.

Valentine’s Day
Thu., Feb. 14, 2008

Various locations