November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010

Whole Foods Market is here to help!

If it’s your turn to host your family’s holiday feast, NorCal Whole Foods Market has got you deliciously covered.

Just log onto our holiday meals website to create your own special holiday menu.

The star of our holiday shop this year is our Whole Foods turkey. Talk about an outstanding bird! It’s raised humanely—without antibiotics or added hormones—by a partner ranch in California and hasn’t been injected with any mysterious solutions like a lot of supermarket brands.

Want us to cook the turkey for you? We can do that—and everything else for your table, too, right down to the flowers. Just shop however’s most convenient for you.

Once you place your order, we’ll get everything ready for you so you just have to make one trip to your local store.

So go log on to our Holiday Shop and let us make this your most stress-free, delicious holiday ever.

Scharffen Berger and TuttiFoodie invite you to enter the fun and fourth annual Chocolate Adventure Contest. And this year it’s all about inventive cupcakes. So go ahead: create and submit an original cupcake recipe (up to 10), using Scharffen Berger dark chocolate and at least 1 of 14 “adventure ingredients.”

The grand prize is $10,000—and your recipe will be featured in Food Network magazine. Plus, you’ll get a trip to New York, where you’ll bake and share your creation while riding in one of the city’s beloved Sweet Trucks. There’s more: the contest offers a second place award of $7,000, and a third place award of $3,000, each with a custom gift box.

To be eligible, combine any Scharffen Berger chocolate with 1 or more of 14 select “adventure ingredients” (stout beer, ricotta, Meyer lemon, saffron, coconut milk, and others) in an original recipe. Intrigued? Get more information at Then go for it. Entries must be received by midnight January 2, 2011.