December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010

Whole Foods Market is ready with gorgeous holiday hams.

Feeding a crowd? Or just having a few friends over? Either way, NorCal Whole Foods Market invites you to ham it up for the holidays.

All of our hams come from pigs who’ve been raised humanely—without antibiotics or added growth hormones—and cured with no added nitrates or nitrites. You can’t say that about most supermarket brands. All that good care, plus they’re a lot tastier too! Every tender slice is succulent and full-flavored.

Want us to help out with the rest of your holiday menu? We can do everything, right down to the flowers.

Order up your holiday goodies however it’s most convenient for you: at the Holiday Table in your neighborhood store or online at our Holiday Shop.

We can’t wait to make this your most stress-free, delicious holiday ever.

You: yes, I’m talking to you. Savvy wine marketer with a hot brand and appetite to make it shine to its finest luster with top media minds and the customers you want. You need me (you just don’t know it yet). I’ve helped some of the industry’s top brands find their footing and make a splash with copy, marketing, and PR initiatives that pop.

What with today’s stronger-than-ever competitive pressures and surreally noisy advertising space, it’s the right time to give your brand an edge. From copy brush-ups to brand repositioning, brochure writing to A to Z marketing materials development, social media marketing to event production, and press release writing on up to full-scale PR campaigns, I’ve got the skills you need to make 2011 the year you take the proverbial big bite out of the industry pie.

Sound tasty? Then call me.

Courtney Cochran
HIP TASTES® Communications