February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

There are a lot of restaurants out there, serving a whole lotta dishes, and slinging a whole lotta drinks. But before you head over to the latest and greatest, don’t you want to know what’s the can’t-miss dish, drink, and other insider tips? And hello, you don’t have a lot of time to figure all this out, right?

Welcome to Deep Dishing, a completely new kind of forum about Bay Area restaurants (and bars and bakeries and cafés and street food and pop-ups). What’s different? Well, to start, this community is based on positivity. It’s about what to order, not what to avoid. It’s about sharing what’s good, what rocks your socks off, what you’d tell your best friend to get, and why you’d want to return somewhere—not why you want to run away. It’s also about sharing secrets, like what’s off the menu, what’s your favorite super-duper sandwich combo, and when to pick up a bakery’s famous loaf of bread.

You can post pictures (food [rhymes with horn] alert!), vote and comment on dishes, share hot tips, and even ask questions in the Tip Please! forum—and help solve the dilemmas of your fellow diners.

We’re starting locally (Bay Area and wine country), but the site’s locations will expand soon. Content will also grow (obviously) since we’re just starting out here. Some functionality and cool features will be coming, too—just you wait.

Have fun dishing it up.

~Marcia Gagliardi
founder of Deep Dishing and tablehopper.com