October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011

There are plenty of nights in a year you can dine out (365, to be exact), but if there was one night to really dine out, it would be on Wednesday November 9th. Why the 9th? Because it’s Food for Thought, a fundraising night for Mission Graduates. Dine out at select Mission District restaurants like Commonwealth, Heirloom Café, Mission Beach Cafe, and Slow Club, and they will generously donate a portion of their sales to get Mission youth to college.

A delish proposition, right? Click here for a list of participating restaurants, and make your reservation today!

For more information, visit Food for Thought.

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In Meatpaper Issue 16 we delve deeply into BONES to bring you stories about Jell-O, wishbones, conceptual art, bone talismans, biodynamic farming, bone broth, and the historic art of scrimshaw. Find out how a heron wing fragment could help you, and why animals evolved to have bones at all.

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