January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

“Promoting itself as a new form of ‘bespoke’ dining, Kitchit puts consumers in touch with chefs—from the everyday to ‘master chefs’ such as Daniel Patterson and Traci Des Jardins—for private dinners. It’s a great idea. Kind of underground dining comes to you.” —Sara Deseran, 7x7 Magazine

Kitchit’s core belief is simple: nothing beats a great meal shared with great company. And when that meal is prepared by an amazing chef and served at your own table, something magical happens.

On Kitchit, you can hire a chef to make your culinary or home-entertaining dreams come true—effortlessly. Use Kitchit to plan a dinner party, and the chef will take care of everything from shopping, to cooking, to meal service, to clean up.

We know you love restaurants, so why not bring the restaurant home? To get a taste of what we’re all about, visit us at www.kitchit.com.