July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015

Eat a meal with fellow food lovers at the home of a chef, in your city or when you travel—currently available in 170 cities worldwide!

What makes EatWith stand out is the endless variety of unique food experiences that you will never find at a restaurant. EatWith’s ethnic private dinner offerings span from comforting Italian and authentic Moroccan to stylish French cuisine. Craving a Texan home-cooked meal? Try chef Rebecca’s hip apartment in the Mission District with hearty Texas staples. If you’re all about barbecue, a family-style grilled supper at EatWith’sTest Kitchen might just be what you’re looking for…

EatWith is also an advocate of artisanal food businesses. The Italian Homemade is one of EatWith’s partners and they host an after-hours event called Pasta and Prosecco, an authentic Italian pasta tasting menu with flowing Prosecco. Count you in?

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