September 9, 2015

September 9, 2015

Eat a meal with fellow food lovers at the home of a chef.

What makes EatWith stand out is the endless variety of unique food experiences that you will never find at a restaurant. EatWith’s ethnic private dinner offerings span from comforting Italian and authentic Moroccan to stylish French cuisine.

Summer is for grilling and chilling, and California does it right. Why not experience it with San Francisco native, chef Jonnatan Leiva? Let the juices flow and skin crackle with his suckling porchetta roast.

Is seafood more your style? Spice up your life and don’t miss out on our Creole-style crawfish boil, where you get shrimp, grits, and all the tasty bits.

Don’t let the season’s end get you down, take one last summer vacation with chef Carina, in her journey through Argentinean cuisine.

At EatWith, you never know what you might discover. Count you in?