December 6, 2016

December 6, 2016

Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, The Lunchpad (581 Hayes St., SF) will host a pickling class on Sunday December 18th from 6pm to 7pm. The class will include a short talk on the history of pickles and the different methods of pickling. Attendees will create and take home their own favorite pickling combinations, and all ingredients (such as cucumbers, carrots, green beans, and other seasonal vegetables) are included in the cost of the class ($20 per person).

Bonus: Chef Adam of The Lunchpad will be demoing Candied Jalapeños! Second bonus: if attendees feel like getting a little “pickled” while they’re pickling, Noir Lounge (sister restaurant to The Lunchpad) will offer festive drink specials for the evening. To sign up for the class, please click here.

Do you have a serious Philz Coffee addiction, or just love damn good food? Well, a Philz Coffee-inspired cookbook is happening. Yes, cooking with Philz! It’s also the perfect gift for any foodie or coffee lover.

This is a Kickstarter project started by a couple of Philz fans that would love your support. Made with Coffee, created by Jerry James Stone and K.C. Cornwell, explores all that is delicious when cooking with coffee.

Years in the making, you’ll find tasty recipes such as Pastry-Wrapped Poached Pears with Coffee Caramel, Cocoa Roasted Beets, and Coffee & Pomegranate Lamb Chops. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or not, there is something for everyone in this cookbook.

Jerry lived in San Francisco up until a few years ago and is known for his unique spin on vegan and vegetarian cuisine. But this book is about coffee, and not vegetarianism, which is why it has contributors from Whole Foods Market and even Food Network.

If you are looking to try coffee on a whole new level, this is your next cookbook! The campaign ends December 19th.