(Sponsored): Night Fishing, an Immersive Art and Dining Experience, Is September 12th

Join us for Night Fishing’s Autumn Harvest edition. This immersive art and dining experience allows you to climb inside a painting by Midway Resident Artist, Isis Hockenos. Crawl through peacock-colored foliage, smell the lanolin of a freshly sheared, crown-wearing sheep, and taste the meat cut lovingly from the side of a rose-colored hog. Isis’ work contains many references to her experience in food production, particularly through a feminist lens, and her roots in West Marin.

The Midway Culinary team will execute a menu carefully curated by Isis, reflective of her upbringing in West Marin using locally sourced food from her community of oyster farmers, cheesemakers, and ranchers. Revel in being a character in an Isis Hockenos painting, titillate your taste buds, and expect a healthy dash of surrealist delight.

Night Fishing: An Immersive Art and Dining Experience
Wednesday September 12th, 7pm-9pm
Tickets: $125 (includes wine pairings)
The Midway SF: 900 Marin St. @ Michigan St.