(Sponsored): Photos That Can Look As Good As Your Food Tastes!

Caren Alpert is a San Francisco-based photographer specializing in food (both plated and prep), chef portraits, restaurant interiors, and on-location purveyor/travel-type of imagery. Clients include magazines, PR agencies, and restaurants, both local and international.

We have a specially priced photo package for newly opened (or opening) restaurants, which includes a set of imagery that most owners need at time of launch for website and PR uses. It’s also perfect for a seasonal menu refresh at established restaurants.

For your cookbook/studio needs, Caren has a 1,700-sq.-ft. studio in SOMA with a kitchen and 44’ of north-facing, diffused sunlight.

Please call Caren at 415-279-0161, or visit the website at carenalpert.com. When everyone is being bombarded with imagery, make sure your photos stand out!