(Sponsored): Win a Challah from the Friday Fairy

Every Friday, our Friday Fairy pays a special visit to a few lucky folks in New York, delivering fresh-baked challah and a hand-painted card. On Friday February 3rd, she’s flying over the bay, spreading love with Taboon’s freshly baked loaves. The first five tablehopper readers who email us will win a visit from the fairy. Don’t forget to tell us where she can find you (include your full name, address, and cell phone number, please). And you have to be located in San Francisco, thanks.

The Friday Fairy is powered by the Jewish Food Society, a new New York-based organization dedicated to preserving and nurturing Jewish culinary heritage. We’re building an online archive of Jewish recipes and the stories behind them. We also host pop-ups and special dinners. Our website is coming soon, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll follow along on Instagram (@jewishfoodsociety).