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Iconic Mexican Restaurant with 50 Years of Loyal Customers Includes Valuable Real Estate

The Acapulco is a traditional destination for family and special-night-out dining in Alameda, one of the Bay Area’s preferred residential areas. Diners, including those from nearby cities, who first came with their parents to savor the traditional Mexican cuisine now return with their children and grandchildren to continue the legacy.

The Acapulco is now available for someone to carry on the tradition, to expand the business, and to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire some scarce Alameda commercial and residential real estate. The 126-seat dining area and 10-table patio are supported with a full kitchen and bar with beer and wine service. The Acapulco building, a landmark on a busy arterial, has adjacent and overflow parking.

In addition to the ongoing business, this investment opportunity includes:
- the 2,700 sq. ft. restaurant space
- 2,700 sq. ft. of residential space in the same building
- a 1,700 sq. ft. duplexed Victorian-era residence
- an adjacent 4,100 sq. ft. lot
- another nearby 5,600 sq. ft. parcel

The real estate alone makes this a remarkable offering but the restaurant operation has significant upside potential for an experienced owner. A new operator could easily increase revenues by acquiring a liquor license and freshening the menu and decor. It could even be possible to change the cuisine and dining concept completely to support a new owner’s business strategy, while taking advantage of the location and the attractively priced real estate.

The highly-motivated seller is willing sell the business and properties for 10% below the appraised value. Any offers for all or part of the real estate or ongoing business will be considered as well as a sale and lease-back proposal.

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