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Something to Toast to: Access to the Finest Wine and Gourmet Food (and $15 Off!)

Imagine having an All-Star team of wine experts sourcing premium wines for you from a wide array of vineyards across the United States and abroad. Let’s say this team is made up of three candidates for the hyper-selective Masters of Wine degree, a former sommelier from Le Bernardin, and one co-founder of a critically acclaimed Napa Valley winery. Now let’s say this crew of experienced oenophiles uses their direct relationships with vineyards to provide you with savings of up to 60 percent off. Interested?

Introducing Lot18, your go-to source for premium wine sales online. The team at Lot18 has a knack for getting a hold of the best wines—even from hard-to-find labels—with past offerings of 1995 Champagne, 2008 Oregon pinot noir, and 2007 Napa cabernet. With access to these coveted wines, your friends will soon wonder if you’re leading a secret double life in Napa Valley.

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And while known for our wine offering, we also feature gourmet food items, from caviar to imported pastas.

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