The Starlet

Star Sightings in Restaurants (no photos please)
February 24, 2015

Fabulous actress, Academy Award winner, badass feminist, and all-around glamorous person ~Kate Winslet~ dined at Spruce on Friday night. She was accompanied by two of her children and her husband, whose name is Ned Rocknroll. No joke. They enjoyed a Hendrick’s gin and tonic, olive, mussels, gnocchi with truffles, and duck. Reportedly, they were very nice and gracious, which surprises exactly no one.


Melissa Etheridge and Brenda Buenviaje (right). Photo courtesy of Brenda’s.

~Melissa Etheridge~ dined at Brenda’s French Soul Food on Polk last week. She was there not only to have the amazing biscuits and soul food, but also because she wanted Brenda Buenviaje to carry her special line of cannabis wine. How would that be for the munchies? Wow.

This might be the most literal Starlet ever: ~Star Jones~, whose real first name is “Starlet,” was spotted at Perbacco last week. In case you can’t remember why, exactly, she’s famous (we understand), she’s a lawyer, journalist, and general television personality best known for her time on The View.

February 17, 2015

Bloomberg News reports that President ~Barack Obama~ dined at Spruce during his fundraising visit to San Francisco last week. We don’t know what he ate, but the man has a palate, so hopefully it was delicious and paired with excellent wine.

~Peter Krause~, star of HBO’s Six Feet Under and, more recently, Parenthood and Dirty Sexy Money, was spotted at Fork Roadhouse in Sebastopol. He lives near there and was seen enjoying brunch near the fire with his family. How cute is that?

It turns out he hasn’t been deported to Canada (yet, anyway), because ~Justin Bieber~ was spotted at EPIC Roasthouse last week. Apparently he was there after a trip to the Apple Store and was accompanied by three friends. It’s not clear if the friends were people or just exotic pets of the week, but we do know that they enjoyed rib-eyes, burgers, fries, and a shrimp cocktail. Speaking of shrimp, have you all seen this SNL spoof of his Calvin Klein ads yet?

February 10, 2015

Actress ~Susan Sarandon~ was spotted at Iyasare in Berkeley last week, where she enjoyed lunch.

The week before, actress ~Kathleen Turner~ was also at Iyasare. No word what either of them enjoyed, but that is a classy pair of ladies, and with good taste.

Former president ~Bill Clinton~ was spotted at Waterfront Restaurant after giving a speech in Oakland last Tuesday night. He was with a group of 25 people and they ordered everything on the menu. Reportedly, Clinton has dined at Waterfront many times in the past too.

That’s right, actor ~Aziz Ansari~, who plays the hilariously trendy Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation, was spotted at Orenchi Beyond last week. We’re hoping he enjoyed some “long-ass rice” while he was there, along with his apps and zerts.

February 3, 2015

Hip-hop superstar, businessman, and, oh right, Mr. Beyoncé, was espied by a reader at Park Tavern the week of January 21st. Unfortunately, the restaurant couldn’t confirm Jay-Z was there, but our spy was quite sure. Because he was apparently trying to go unnoticed (and who can blame him, really?), we weren’t able to get any details on his visit, but we hope it had to do with these secret Swedish music-streaming deals.

Park Tavern had a big week with Big Apple icons. ~Derek Jeter~ was also spotted there by a spy the week of January 28th. Again, the restaurant couldn’t confirm, so maybe he’s enjoying his retirement as an undercover diner with the Michelin Guide. Gosh, we hope so.