The Starlet

Star Sightings in Restaurants (no photos please)
November 25, 2014

Author, actor, writer, producer, director, and all-around hilarious person ~Mindy Kaling~ was in town shooting The Mindy Project last week. She and costar ~Chris Messina~ dined at EPIC Roasthouse on Tuesday night. They ate on the patio and enjoyed the clam chowder, a burger, and meatballs. This only confirms our fears: everyone really is hanging out without us.


Television personality and chef ~Rick Bayless~ was in town last week for a Negra Modelo event, and he definitely got around town. A spy sent over a photo of him at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, and his Twitter feed mentions stops at Rich Table, Range, Nopalito, Namu Gaji, a behind-the-scenes tour at La Palma, and a liquor tasting at Tres. After his, ahem, controversial remarks on his last visit, it seems he decided to keep his remarks perky and positive. His Twitter feed is a stream of flat-out raves, many in all caps. He and his impressive mustache apparently spent the last few days (and his birthday) down in Half Moon Bay.

November 18, 2014

A friend texted to let us know that the amazing ~Oprah Winfrey~ was in the Castro, dining at Poesia. Eater confirms it, and fills in that she was at The Castro Theatre screening her new film Selma, and apparently was greeted by standing ovations everywhere she went! Love it.

No, that wasn’t just any old lumbersexual you saw at Salumeria, it was Oscar-winning actor ~Jared Leto~. We don’t know what he ate, but he posed for photos with a fan and definitely fit right in.

Wonderfully goofy funnyman ~Jason Segel~ was spotted at Tacolicious Valencia last Saturday. No word on what he ate, but we’re hoping his vampire puppet was in tow and enjoyed himself too.

It was a busy weekend at Tacolicious Valencia, where ~Tim Robbins~ also had lunch on Saturday. That’s fine with us, because inserting “taco” into movie titles is actually pretty funny. Anyway, he reportedly enjoyed the 10-taco platter (he’s a man with an appetite, awesome), Brussels sprouts, and a spicy beer.

November 4, 2014

Giants’ manager and one of the most stoic people on television, none other than ~Bruce Bochy~ celebrated his triumphant return to San Francisco with a meal at Waterbar on Thursday night. His party enjoyed a festive bottle of Billecart brut rosé, a “deluxe french fry presentation” with lobster, caviar, and hollandaise (whoa), along with pan-roasted sablefish, seared petrale sole, and grilled ono. For dessert, the kitchen sent out a special dish shaped like a baseball. Gotta love those Giants!

Comedy icon and 2012 presidential candidate ~Roseanne Barr~ was spotted at Elite Cafe, which is funny given her working-class roots and comedy. Anyway, she was there with one other woman and they kept to themselves and had a quiet conversation. She is still looking very trim after her highly publicized weight loss.

Former Secretary of State and all-around inspirational lady ~Madeleine Albright~ was spotted at Spruce on Friday night. She was there with a private party.

October 21, 2014

Giants pitchers ~Jeremy Affeldt~ and ~Erik Cordier~ stopped at quintessential breakfast joint Mama’s Washington Square on Friday morning, and even took photos with staff and patrons. Their morning was made even more classically San Francisco when they got a parking ticket for their troubles. Wah wah.

Writer, comedian, and overall girl-of-the-moment ~Lena Dunham~ was at Tosca Cafe last Thursday after doing a book reading at the Nourse theater. Eater reports that she was joined by two lady friends, and, like the millennial she is, posted some quippy photos and tweets while she was there.

October 17, 2014

After their dramatic win against the Cardinals, the World Series-bound ~San Francisco Giants~ reportedly partied down and celebrated at The Tipsy Pig. A member of the Tipsy crew shared this quote from one of the team members (but they wouldn’t tell me whom): “It’s tradition we come here after we win the NLCS…and hope the tradition of what happens next continues!”