May 8, 2007

May 8, 2007

Robin Williams, George Lucas, Nancy Pelosi, and Peter Coyote were all at 2223 for a private party for the SF International Film Festival.

Last week Linda Ronstadt dined with a group at One Market Restaurant, and ex-49er Ronnie Lott also came in with a party of five.

The ever-fashionable Kate and Andy Spade were spotted sipping some spendy champers at the bar at the Campton Place Hotel. Both were in town for some fancy Vogue shindig. Wardrobe notes from the eagle-eye tablehopper reader: “He wore no socks (and sported a sharp black suit), and she was rockin' red tights and fuchsia slingbacks.”

Randy Jackson from American Idol (yo dawg!) was at Salt House.

Lidia Bastianich had lunch at Boulette’s Larder last week. She was wearing very dark sunglasses (yes, how Italian) and chatted in Italian with one of the tablehopper reader’s pals who said she seemed to be very nice.

Lynda Carter (go Wonder Woman!) had dinner at Perbacco. She reportedly looks 40! Maybe those cuffs have anti-aging powers.

Spike Lee dined at Postrio in the restaurant's private dining room on Friday afternoon with other key folks affiliated with the SF International Film Festival (including the Executive Director). (So unless a publicist told me this little tidbit, we would have no idea he was even there!)

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson managed to sneak in for a last-minute dinner at Millennium.

I didn’t have time to follow up on this, but reportedly both Tom Waits and Natalie Portman have come into Zazie to dine.

B.D. Wong (Tony award winner, SF local-gone-Broadway, starred in Margaret Cho's failed sitcom) was seen having cocktails in the lobby of the St. Regis.

Conan O’Brien was having dinner at Delfina and left around midnight in a black Town Car.

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