December 11, 2007

December 11, 2007

Guess who is back in town to tempt us with their cuteness? Yes, Jake and Reese are continuing their SF gourmet tours! They had lunch at Zuni last Thursday, where they sat at my favorite table (on the bridge overlooking the oven below), and ordered the house-cured anchovies and a salad, plus a chicken sandwich and grouper. To drink, they walked on the wild side with some lemongrass tea and apple juice. From my source: “Reese seemed a little aloof, but Jake (still looking nice and buff) was trying to warm her up by playing Mr. Flirty-flirt with her—even smooched with her. So effing cute!”

Then on Friday night they sat at the chef/pizza counter at A16, where they had minestra marinata, chicory salad, kale with anchovies (they must like anchovies!), butternut squash with pine nuts and currants, a margherita pizza with prosciutto, and a salsiccia pizza. Dang, no tripe.

John Cleese was spotted at Rose Pistola, and then on Monday night at Presidio Social Club, where he had the liver and onions, smashed peas, and frisee salad. No, he didn’t request a shrubbery, or rabbit with a vicious streak a mile wide, a killer!

Michael Symon, the affable and ever-chuckling winner of the Next Iron Chef was dining all over San Francisco with his darling wife Liz—they managed to hit Incanto, Jardiniere, Bar Jules, Slanted Door, Hog Island, Zuni, and Chez Panisse. I actually got to hang out and interview Symon at Hog Island—look for my interview with him next week!

Shuna Lydon has the word on Al Gore’s appearance at Sens.

I saw Dave Chappelle with my own two eyes at Straits in Westfield, where he is reportedly a regular.

Tonight RZA from the Wu-tang Clan is coming to Poleng Lounge following his performance at The Independent. Supposedly he chose Poleng because he wanted to go to a place that served tea, keepin’ it real with his Shaolin ethos. The event will be $10, here’s more info.