May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008

Another T.R. Knight (aka Dr. George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy) sighting at NOPA, and he was with his cute boyfriend again—they must be fans. (They are not alone in their affinity for the restaurant.) The tablehopper reader said Knight sat right behind them and ordered one of the same dishes they did—the vegetable tagine. Great minds…

And this just in: on Saturday night, newlyweds Jenna Bush and husband Henry Hager were guests at a rehearsal dinner at Le Colonial while two secret service agents waited outside in an unmarked car. The wedding activities were for her college roommate who was getting married on Sunday. As my contact said, "Even though GWB hates California, it's good to know Jenna has no hard feelings while she was getting her party on!"

Did you have a star sighting at a restaurant or bar around town? Send 'em on in! All sightings remain confidential. (So if you happen to work for a restaurant, I'll never reveal who told me which star was dining at table four, or getting loaded on Cristal.) Just hit reply to this email.

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