February 10, 2009

February 10, 2009

Over at Presidio Social Club, Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips (formerly of Luna and currently with Dean & Britta) and their entourage had a quick dinner at PSC before their show at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Private eyes, they’re watching you! John Oates of Hall and Oates was spotted in Venticello—and reportedly his pubescent son is working on a stache. (Must be part of a family gene contract.) Oates is off to Japan to tour solo.

A tablehopper reader writes in: “Kevin Connolly spotted at Ace Wasabi's last night. It was a dead night but ‘E’ was seen with a bunch of suits! He sat in the back...”

And now, the big-ass round-up o’ megawatt-star sightings, and one was with my own eyes, mind you. There I was, kicking it in the J Lounge at Jardinière on Friday night, enjoying a Pony Express (Jardinière’s barrel selection of Sazerac Rye, Qi white tea liqueur, maple syrup, and lemon, if you must know), and suddenly I see a super-cute man climb the stairs to the upstairs dining room. Was that... Ashton Kutcher? Oh yes it was! Yup, and Demi Moore was with him too, but I was too busy scoping the hot guy so I totally missed catching her. The Gavster and wifey arrived shortly thereafter. Good one, tablehopper!

The Demi and Ashton sightings rolled in all weekend: ends up Demi was at Waterbar for dinner on Thursday with a girlfriend, her daughters, and some of their friends, and the word is “they could not have been more sweet and unassuming.” They reportedly had a pretty quick meal (Demi had the ono), and she even stopped by the kitchen to say hello and thank the (shocked) chef—executive chef Parke Ulrich was off that night, so it was one of the sous chefs.

Demi, Ashton, and family had dinner at Foreign Cinema on Saturday night. Apparently they were celebrating the birthday of one of her daughters. The table shared some plates like the baked fromage d’ Affinois, and Demi, ever the healthy diner, ordered the fish (grilled mahi-mahi). The birthday celebration wrapped up with some sweets, including cheesecake and apple-huckleberry crisp.

Demi and Ashton
were also spotted browsing at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant on Sunday. Go team!

Since we’re on teams, last night there was quite the private party at Specchio in the Mission for the New York Knicks, who are in town for their Warriors game tonight. Even the mannequins in the restaurant were wearing Knicks jerseys and hats. The group of 35 included players Danilo Gallinari, Chris Duhon, David Lee, Quentin Richardson, Malik Rose, and former player Allan Houston, head coach Mike D’Antoni and staff, former head coach and player Herb Williams, and GM/President Donnie Walsh.