May 12, 2009

May 12, 2009

A tablehopper reader spotted Jeremy Sisto at Vik's Chaat House last weekend. He was reportedly “lunching with some friends and/or family, looking downright hot!” Meow to that, sister.

More Drew Barrymore and Justin Long sightings from last weekend! When her 20-person posse left Bar Jules after their dinner last Saturday, they ended up rockin' out at Madrone Lounge. Someone who works at the bar had this to say: “She drank white wine in a tumbler, because she said 'I'll spill it on the dance floor if it's in a wine glass' and her group danced to THAT 80's show [it's the name of the party]. She got super excited when both Guns N' Roses played and Bon Jovi. I guess Drew's a rocker. She was wearing exactly what you said, looked fabulous and was very gracious in the room, she even got behind the turntables and pumped up the crowd.” Here are a few pics from the night, and more details on a thread on Yelp.

This is unconfirmed, but Drew and Justin were also reportedly at The Mint on Sunday. My source reports “she sang a Beastie Boys song but was kinda shy about it. Justin was there too, he looked really nice, and she wore dark rimmed glasses to be all incognito but had that sweet smile that is undeniably Drew.”

Alice Waters came by for the opening night of the once-a-week restaurant at Bruno's last Thursday—to refresh your memory on what that is, check out this week's chatterbox.

And last Friday night, Sean Penn and Matt Gonzalez were on the town again, this time dining at Nopa (Sean had the pork chop—no dummy, that guy).

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