September 8, 2009

September 8, 2009

Sightings galore, so let's start here: Linda Ronstadt came into Angelina's Catering in the Richmond last week.

Rap star Too $hort went to dinner at the newly opened Lake Chalet in Oakland.

Kathy Griffin was in town last week for her show and was spotted dining at the Grand Cafe on Friday for dinner, devouring flammenküche and gnocchi (carbs be damned!).

Halle Berry and her model man had a very early dinner at Piazza D'Angelo in Mill Valley. They shared some bruschetta and split a pizza margherita and a mista salad. They were both reportedly very sweet (and yes, gorgeous).

Girl! Ms. Tyra Banks dined at Gialina in Glen Park on Saturday night, and seemed to be able to fly under the radar a bit since she was very low key, wearing a headscarf, flats, and wasn't totally "made up." The only giveaway was the suited driver standing outside the front door, next to a big black Escalade with tinted windows. Friends of hers brought her in, a posse of eight. They ordered just about every salad and a variety of pizzas. As one of my spies noted, "She must stay thin by skipping the carbs as she was eating everything off of the top of the pizza with a fork and leaving the crust." (Shame, it's one of my favorite pizza crusts!) And yes, she had a nice time. Maybe she'll be inspired to produce and be a judge on America's Next Top Pizza?