December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009

~Hilary Swank~ was spotted in San Francisco at the pizza counter at ~A16~ (she ordered the cavatelli and a salsiccia pizza). My spy said “she was there for a while, very blonde, skinny. Fought on the phone outside for a while too. Very gracious and engaged with A16’s pizzaiolo for a while as well.”

Another reader writes in: “I had dinner at Ad Hoc last night (Sunday… it was nasty and rainy) and ~Hilary Swank~ was seated at the table next to us. I’m fairly sure she was with her boyfriend (who was and may still be her agent). At least that’s my deduction based on a Google image search and a whispered synopsis of her divorce from the woman seated on the other side of me. I believe his name is John Campisi.”

More ~Lady Gaga~ sightings from last week: she was at The St. Regis San Francisco lobby bar on Monday afternoon with a posse of four. She was dressed as herself (i.e. not like this) and was wearing a black hat.

Another source tells me Lady Gaga’s band members were spotted having lunch at Waterbar “without their leading lady, sporting ripped jeans, t-shirts, funky hats, and wild haircuts, while noshing on wood-oven roasted lobster, grilled Dungeness crab, grilled sirloin steak, oysters, chowder and tuna tartare. They shared everything.”

The amazing pilot who successfully emergency landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River in January, ~Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger~, dined at ~EPIC ROASTHOUSE~ with his wife and their daughters. They were reportedly a treat to serve and had some fun with their server as they tried to discern the secret ingredient in the house-made ketchup. (If you never read the amazing article about the landing in Vanity Fair, check it out—it’s quite the read.)

And just for fun, mega-kooky ~Betsey Johnson~ was sipping a cappuccino at the Grand Café wearing blond braids and all black. She also dined at Scala’s Bistro.

Some action in Yountville: ~Nick Cannon~ and ~Johnny Hensley~ (aka Matt McNamara on Nip/Tuck) were at ~BARDESSONO~.

~David Faustino~ (aka Bud Bundy) was spotted having lunch at Bread and Cocoa in the FiDi “with a PYT.” (I’ll take Michael Jackson Hits for $400, Alex. What is the abbreviation for Pretty Young Thing?)