February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010

Our husky-voiced local singer, ~Tracy Chapman~ was spotted having dinner at ~DOSA~ on Valencia.

~Betty White~ came in to ~SCALA’S BISTRO~ and had the crab toast, mushroom pizza, and petrale sole. According to my source, “She was here for the Marine Wildlife Rescue in Monterey, she is super fun and sweet. She came in with a Monsignor, they went to the Starlight [Room] after for Champagne, and she loves the Drake, super cute.”

Last Friday night, Mayor Gavin Newsom and wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom were at ~WATERBAR~ for a birthday dinner for her father, Ken Siebel, and seated right across from them was ~Troy Aikman~, Hall of Fame quarterback from the Dallas Cowboys. According to my source, “Mayor Newsom wasted no time in engaging in a friendly banter with Aikman, singing the praises of his beloved 49ers. Aikman laughed and held his own. Managing partner Pete Sittnick sent out complimentary desserts to both tables: one to Ken Siebel that said ‘Happy Birthday!’ and one to Troy Aikman that said ‘Go 49ers!’” Well played, Pete.

A tablehopper reader noted quite the power scene playing out at the ~BALBOA CAFE~: “~Nancy Pelosi~ was having Valentine’s Day brunch at the same time Willie Brown was having it with his daughter, and Gordon Getty was doing a V-day brunch too. Oh yes, so was I…” I wonder who was the better tipper. My money is on the tablehopper reader.

A couple tablehopper readers wrote in some ~Tyler Florence~ sightings around town: he was spotted at ~FRANCES~, and another reader writes, “My friends and I spotted Tyler Florence at ~TAYLOR’S REFRESHER~ at the Ferry Building today. And he seems to have lost a few pounds!” Good for him, that makes one of us.