May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

~k.d. lang~ and ~Molly Ringwald~ recently dined at ~FOREIGN CINEMA~ (separately). k.d. lang dined with some Foreign Cinema regulars on Thursday evening before the Black and White Ball—they enjoyed martinis, baked fromage blanc, and some other dishes. On Saturday, Molly Ringwald met friends for a birthday celebration. No, it wasn’t her sixteenth.

~Michael Keaton~ dined at the chef counter at ~A16~ Friday night with a female companion. He ordered the beet salad, burrata, cod, and carrots. He was reportedly super chatty with the cook on the oven station—he seemed really interested in pizzas, and was overall “very cool.”

Was he carb-loading for singing stamina? ~Tony Bennett~—who was in town for the Black and White Ball—had a pre-performance meal of fettuccine bolognese at ~PIAZZA PELLEGRINI~ on Saturday afternoon.   

When chef ~Fergus Henderson~ of St. John in England was in town, he stopped in at ~RYE~ for some cocktails, “drinking to the bitter end.” My spy says he drank the English Garden at Rye (a concoction of gin, English cucumber, mint, and orange bitters). Proper Englishman through and through, that Fergus.

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