June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010

Yup, the one and only ~Steven Wright~ came in to the bar at Orson for a couple of hours, eating pizza and hangin’ out with friends after seeing a show over at the Utah. The comedian reportedly had on his standard Boston Red Sox hat and chatted up fans with grace and, yes, humor. My spy says he was, “Super sweet and gracious. Class act.”

A reader writes, “I was having a few drinks and some appetizers in the bar/lounge at Quince the other night and I saw ~John Waters~ having dinner in the private dining room! It was awesome.” I’d have the same reaction.

~Michael Keaton~ has good taste: not only was he spotted at A16 last week, but a reader writes in: “Mr. Keaton was dining at the bar next to us at Bix late Saturday night. He was with a lovely woman and was even nice to the lonely drunk guy who tried to chat him up. They both ordered pasta and wine.”

And according to this Tweet, ~Barry Zito~ was “in the house last night at EPIC! Too bad he didn’t get the WIN in the game but at least he got the WIN at dinner!” He was in a party of two, and they ordered a dozen oysters, pork porterhouse, and a cheeseburger. (The kitchen sent him beignets and chocolate banana cake.) A couple of girls reportedly asked the staff to tell Zito that they would buy him drinks in the bar after dinner, but he did not take them up on it.

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