June 29, 2010

June 29, 2010

I’m not exactly up on my under-20 singers and actresses, but a reader wanted to let me know ~Demi Lovato~ was spotted at Ton Kiang.

How’s this for a pile up of talent? The members of ~Goldfrapp~ and ~Yo La Tengo~ both dined at Bar Tartine on Friday night last week.

Singer ~Jason Mraz~ celebrated his birthday at Café Gratitude, and tweeted about it.

~Nikki Giovanni~, the “Princess of Black Poetry,” was in town Saturday to speak at the Delancey Street Auditorium joining Gwen Mazer for her “Conversations with Wise Women” series. After signing copies of her new book, Bicycles: Love Poems, she slipped away for dinner with her partner at 1300 on Fillmore.

~John Madden~ came in to Mijita at the Ferry Building, and reportedly one of the kitchen guys “was dumbfounded just being in his presence.”

“Big Papi” ~David Ortiz~ of the Boston Red Sox was seen enjoying a steak at Bobo’s on Lombard on Saturday night with three of his teammates. They were reportedly “gracious guests and made a call to a couple of diners’ tables.”