July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010

A tablehoppin’ reader spotted ~Josh Brolin~ at Aziza, who “seemed very chill and laid back. No one approached him and [a few times he checked] out the food that was being delivered to our table since we ordered a lot of food.” Yup, my kind of readers.

Brolin also came in to Sociale last night for dinner with Ethan Coen and his family. New movie in the works? Hmmmm…

I got all kinds of updates about New York Yankee ~Derek Jeter~ on the town: he reportedly had some chicken parmigiana for lunch at Colosseo in North Beach (414 Columbus), and he also came in to FiDi’s Palio D’Asti late last Tuesday afternoon for some carb-loading pizza and pasta before the evening game against the Oakland A’s (he was with his close buddy and teammate, Jorge Posada). My spy writes: “Am sure they didn’t expect to have the tab picked up by a fellow diner who never even approached the table. Instead, the classy fan simply asked the GM to deliver a card, on which he wrote, ‘Thanks for the many great baseball memories.’”

And later that night, after their 6-1 win against the Oakland A’s, Jeter and Posada came in to the Redwood Room at the Clift. My Clift spotter says, “They were only at the bar for about an hour, but that was enough time for them to order some rounds of Clase Azul Reposado Tequila and Glenlivet 16yr Scotch.”

~Hideki Matsui~ of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim had a late-night dinner at Sauce in Hayes Valley, with a bottle of Silver Oak. Chef Ben Paula writes, “I had to calm down all the Jardinière line cooks with Jamesons to keep them out of the dining room. :) “

Fellow friend-about-town, Liam Mayclem of Eye on the Bay, tweeted: “At St. Regis SF. ‘A Rod’ [~Alex Rodriguez~] in the house. Mayor Willie Brown at the bar. All the ladies in the house just got a little excited!!”

~LeAnn Rimes~ was spotted with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian at Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg on Saturday night. They were in a party of six people.

Awww yeah, two members of ~Van Halen~ were spotted at Mama’s on Washington Square on Sunday for brunch. They had Monte Cristos (the wise choice) and eggs Benedict. Rock.