August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010

Awesome: ~Will Forte~ (AKA MacGruber) from Saturday Night Live dined at DOSA on Fillmore.

According to this HuffPo post, it looks like it was quite the feast for the Eat, Pray, Love cast at The French Laundry (the menu is included in the post). Which means, yes, ~Julia Roberts~ was included in that dining posse, and hottie ~Javier Bardem~.

Seems the press (E!, Extra, etc.) didn’t do too shabby either: on Thursday night, chef Michael Chiarello hosted a huge dinner for 180 on the lawn at his restaurant Bottega, and recreated some of the dishes in the book.

Found out that ~Moby~ swung by my little neighborhood watering hole, Mini Bar, on Divisadero. He was on his way to DJ at the Wanderlust festival in Tahoe, and stopped by on Thursday night to socialize with some friends (he’s not a drinker, so no, he wasn’t doing shots of Fernie with the locals).

According to this tweet, ~Steve Jobs~ was spotted at Flour + Water. Oh wait, yeah, there he is, black turtleneck, New Balances, and all.

More sightings of “the cockatoo” last week: while he was in town, ~Adam Lambert~ from American Idol stayed at W San Francisco and enjoyed cocktails at W Café.