October 19, 2010

October 19, 2010

I heard that ~Carmen Electra~ was spotted enjoying some cocktails with her girlfriends in the W Café at W San Francisco, where she was presumably staying.

Another visitor to the W Café at W San Francisco was ~Zac Efron~. He was spotted sipping cocktails (and yes, he’s of age—he just celebrated his 23rd birthday).

~Zooey Deschanel~ was spotted last night at Dosa on Fillmore (she was part of the lineup on Sunday at Treasure Island Music Festival as half of the duo She & Him). She reportedly had a meal with her husband (which would be Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie) and another couple—they really seemed to enjoy it. They ordered chicken kebabs, paper dosa, fish moilee, and pepper chicken. She made certain to thank owner Anjan Mitra on her way out, who told me, “She seemed very sweet and her server loved her.”

~Andrew Zimmern~ of Bizarre Foods was traipsing through the city last week in search of the weird, the obscure, and the funky. A tablehopper reader writes: “I’ve seen Andrew Zimmern on 16th Street (two nights in a row) with a camera crew in tow. People were yelling, ‘Dude, you eat some weird sh!t.’”

According to this post on Eater, he had “dinner at forageSF, hamachi at the Slanted Door, freshly-caught Bodega Bay abalone and foie at pal Chris Cosentino’s Incanto and more foie via quadruple scoops at Humphry Slocombe—which he’s affectionately nicknamed ‘HumpSlo.’ He also ate 14 courses at Benu, and grew a ‘food woody’ at Lers Ros.”

He did a cameo at the Saturday Off the Grid at the McCoppin Hub, cooking alongside Chris Cosentino, and turning Le Truc into Le Gut Truc for one afternoon. On the menu? A veal tongue slider and chitlin’ taco, while Cosentino offered a hoof and mouth brain-aise cone. (Sounds like good fare for Halloween.) Proceeds went to Arriba Juntos in the Mission.

A tablehopper reader probably wanted to eat his words, so to speak, when learning from a sommelier at Benu that unbeknownst to him, ~Grant Achatz~ had been dining right by his group’s table. The amusing thing is the reader said, “He [Achatz] obviously heard all we were talking about at one point in the meal about Alinea (not all great…).” D’oh!

U.S. Senator ~Dianne Feinstein~ was seen enjoying an early dinner at Spruce last Wednesday night. 

And Ohio Governor ~Ted Strickland~ was spotted dining at the chef’s table at Credo. His host reportedly liked aged Napa wines, and they talked politics (of course).

SF Giants’ relief pitcher, ~Brian Wilson~, was spotted at SusieCakes Bakery on Chestnut Street purchasing a seven-layer bar last week. He was reportedly eyeing the Giants cupcakes and cookies, but went with the bar instead.

~Barry Bonds~ was in for dinner Monday night at EPIC Roasthouse, enjoying some steak the night before his old team, the San Francisco Giants, take on the Philadelphia Phillies down the road at AT&T Park. Barry dined with three unidentified women and the table feasted on two filets, one oven-roasted whole fish, and charcuterie. (And for dessert, here’s last week’s TMZ video of Bonds throwing down some fightin’ words about the Phillies.)