November 23, 2010

November 23, 2010

A self-described “avid tablehopper reader” (why thank you) sent in this awesome sighting: “My husband and I were at The Restaurant at Meadowood on Friday night celebrating our first anniversary. When we arrived we were seated next to a table with ~David Beckham~ and ~Victoria Beckham~ and their three sons. They were on their dessert course and each of the sons went back into the kitchen to help make up their own dessert plate, which they seemed very proud of. Posh and David had some coffee with their dessert and then headed out. David gave most of the staff that we saw serving them a handshake with some cash.” Classy!

And according to a tweet that Eater picked up, the Beckhams also dined at Morimoto Napa on Sunday night.

Just last night, chef Jeremy Fox tweeted: “Grabbing a late bite at Morimoto Napa, & sitting right across from ~Drake~. Is that ~Lil Wayne~ walking in?” And the answer to that question is… No, there was no appearance by Lil Wayne, although that would have been mad cool.

Seems Tim Gunn is not the only fan of the counter at Wayfare Tavern: the lovely ~Virginia Madsen~ was spotted dining there as well.

~Maynard James Keenan~, the lead singer of Tool, dined at Bar Tartine on Friday night, and reportedly enjoyed some Barolo (he’s a big fan of Italian vino). He was in town for a performance with A Perfect Circle.

Seems ~Tracy Chapman~ has been making the rounds around town: she was also spotted by a reader at Slow Club for Sunday brunch.

Last Thursday night, 22 players and staff from the ~New York Knicks~ (in town for a game against the Golden State Warriors) dined at Specchio in the main room, including Mike D’Antoni (the head coach). Chef/owner Gino Assaf said their favorite dishes were the fettuccine carbonara—which he served with shavings from a one-pound black truffle—along with more carbs: spelt spaghetti all’amatriciana.

I guess I don’t read enough lad rags (er, make that none) to know who she is, but now I do: a reader spotted model/TV personality ~Tila Tequila~ at the bar at Twenty Five Lusk. And, as the spotter says, “Apparently, she was easy to spot because she was the only one in the entire bar that showed up in a corset. Yes, a corset.”