December 21, 2010

December 21, 2010

Rob Wasserman, Jay Lane, Jackie Greene, Bob Weir. Photo from Facebook.

Last Wednesday, there was quite the epic private benefit at Quince (for Casa de Milagros, which benefits orphans in Peru). Let’s start with the sound stage, complete with Oriental rugs, set up in the middle of the restaurant (I know, wild). A tablehopper reader who attended the fundraiser said there was a performance by Scaring the Children, which includes ~Bob Weir~ (formerly of the Grateful Dead), ~Rob Wasserman~, and ~Jay Lane~~Jackie Greene~ also played with them on the last few songs (I randomly found the setlist here if you’re interested). Some Glide Memorial Church choir members also sang with ~Sara Wasserman~. ~Ronnie Lott~ and ~Dwight Clark~ of the 49ers spoke about the charity, and even ~Joe Montana~ came on the stage in a special surprise appearance (he was having dinner next door at Cotogna).

A tablehopper reader spotted ~Joe Montana~ with his wife Jennifer (and another couple) at Cotogna.

A tablehopper reader had lunch at Anchor & Hope and sat next to ~Joe Montana~ and a “beautiful blonde” (who we are going to assume was his lovely wife, Jennifer).

Whaddya know, it’s yet another ~Joe Montana~ sighting! (He’s out on the town more than me and Willie Brown combined.) Anyway, a reader writes, “Was at Marengo on Union on Saturday night and almost choked on my mint julep when I saw Joe Montana and his gorgeous wife walk into the back bar. He hung out for about an hour and a half. Turns out someone was throwing his daughter a surprise birthday party. I ended up chatting with his wife at the bar and she may have been one of the nicest people I have ever met. Way to go Joe!!”

Everyone’s favorite quarterback, ~Joe Montana~ and wife Jennifer came in to Waterbar in between Christmas parties.

~Danny Glover~ was spotted by a tablehopper reader, who said he “sat behind me yesterday around 1pm at Zuni upstairs, corner window table. He is like a giant in person. There was no mistaking him.”