March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011

And no, I’m not talking about her fashion choices. When ~Lady Gaga~ was in town last week, she dined on oysters and lobster at The Waterfront Restaurant (her second time back). She took over the top floor with her small entourage. Comments reportedly ranged from them treating everyone so nicely to how smashing she looks in person…

Even funnier, the Examiner picked up on rumors that she came into The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, and the staff didn’t even know she was there. According to a post from owner Heidi Gibson on their Facebook page, “We all work so hard during our rushes, that we weren’t even aware that she was here. We were notified by numerous tweets, emails, and customers coming to tell us that she was here. It was an honor.”

Well, this sighting doesn’t quite involve a restaurant, but it does involve eating, and ~Jennifer Aniston~, so let’s run with it. A reader wrote in that Jen “rolled up to Real Food [Company] on Polk in a limo, ran in to grab her fave yogurt (Voskos Exotic Fig), and dashed back out in a matter of moments.” Not sure how the reader knew it was her favorite flavor, but again, let’s go with it. A follow up note from the spotter: “I got the scoop from the check-out guy who said that Jen and I love the same yogurt…and proceeded to tell ze story.”

Mister Man About Town, ~Clive Owen~ was spotted at A16 on Friday night (thanks to one of my readers for tweeting the sighting to me). An A16 regular tells me Clive has been there more than once, and he appears to be quite the oenophile. (Will his charms never cease? Criminy. Hey Clive, if you’d like a wining/dining buddy, give the Hopstress a call, why doncha?)

Café des Amis has been busy hosting star-studded diners lately. Just last night, dined with five others in the private dining room. Also at the table was Paul Otellini, the CEO of Intel, and “super angel” Ron Conway, the founder of Angel Investors LP funds.

On Sunday night, actor ~Jason Lewis~, aka Jerry “Smith” Jerrod (one of Samantha Jones’s chewtoys on Sex and the City), dined at Boulevard with some friends.