April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

~Jeremy Irons~ was spotted in the Ferry Building Marketplace “with a camera crew and being pointed in directions by them,” according to a tablehopper contact. Leah Garchik has more: “[he’s] with a British film crew making a worldwide documentary about recycling, for the BBC. San Francisco was chosen, said Robert Reed of Recology, because it has become known internationally for recycling, and, in particular, a compost program that collects food scraps at restaurants and compostables from all properties, then creates compost for 200 vineyards.”

In town for some (unscheduled) appearances, comedian ~Dave Chapelle~ dined at Brenda’s French Soul Food on Sunday—he had the fried catfish Benedict. And ~Katherine Moennig~ (Shane from The L Word) had breakfast there on Monday.

Local rapper ~E-40~ was spotted having lunch at Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto in Berkeley with an entourage last Thursday. He dined on sole Parmesan, spinach dip, and coconut shrimp—but no dessert.

A couple ball players around town: a reader reports seeing ~Barry Bonds~ at Pluto’s in the Marina (no word if he asked for any “extras” on his salad), and LA Dodger ~Matt Kemp~ had lunch earlier last week at Puccini & Pinetti. From what the diners in the restaurant said, he was dining alone, had a bottle of sparkling water, and the restaurant’s chicken panino (he even opted for a green salad on the side instead of the French fries).

This one is a bit far afield for usual tablehopper coverage, but whatever: ~Michael J. Fox~ and his family had dinner at Mayfield Bakery & Cafe in Palo Alto on Saturday night. They enjoyed a selection of dishes, including the braised lamb shoulder.