April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011

~Adrian Grenier~ of HBO’s Entourage had lunch in the Living Room at W San Francisco with producer Peter Glatzer (the two of them founded SHFT together). As for what he ate, Adrian dined on ahi tuna tartare (no bread—I wish I had that discipline), and chicken vegetable soup while waiting to check in.

Actor ~Josh Lucas~ (Glory Road, A Beautiful Mind, and Poseidon) dined at Twenty Five Lusk on Friday night. Flying solo, he reportedly started his evening at the lower-level bar where his ordered up a Partida Silver and lime on the rocks, and then made his way to the dining room for chef Matthew Dolan’s asparagus risotto for dinner. He returned to the lower bar for a nightcap.

More ~Dave Chapelle~ sightings: he was at Paragon Restaurant, and Tanya Holland of Oakland’s Brown Sugar Kitchen tweeted: “Just shook Dave Chapelle’s hand…3rd time meeting inviting him to BSK, maybe this will be the charm! Didn’t want to bug him for photo opp.”

~Cody Ross~ and company and ~Mark DeRosa~ and company both descended on Ozumo Restaurant on Saturday night. Cody’s party enjoyed copious amounts of sashimi and rolls, along with some American Kobe rib-eye and Colorado lamb. His party reportedly loved their sakes and had a few of the Yuki no Bosha Nigori Ginjo; and for dessert, the gang enjoyed the warm dark chocolate fondue with fruit.

A tablehopper reader was pleasantly surprised to see ~Jerry Rice~ at the Dutch Goose in Menlo Park.

A reader writes: “My friend spotted ~Ty Burrell~ aka ‘Phil’ from Modern Family today at the Ferry Building.”