May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

Can ~Kim Cattrall ~ be any hotter? She came into Quince for a late dinner on Friday, and my spotter said she “went crazy on the cheese cart” (I tend to have the same reaction to it). She also spoke to her server in German (apparently she grew up in Germany).

And next door at Cotogna, ~James Spader~—who is a fan of Quince—was in for dinner, and toasted chef Michael Tusk’s Beard Award win with some Champagne.

Since ~Hugh Jackman~ was in town for two weeks for his run at the Curran, there were plenty of sightings to report. And homeboy tweets, so it makes my job easy. He celebrated the opening night at the Velvet Room in the Clift Hotel, and last Monday he had dinner at the French Laundry (of which he says, “OMG….one of the best meals of my life”). Another tweet mentions has was in the Ferry Building Marketplace with ~Dave Chapelle~.

Down on the Peninsula, ~Kevin Bacon~ was spotted at Scott’s Seafood Palo Alto. My spotter says it was “possibly a business meeting and not sure what he was having to eat, but definitely him (minus Kyra Sedgwick, unfortunately).”

I tend to not include local politicians in the starlet, but since he’s no longer our mayor, Lieutenant Governor of California ~Gavin Newsom~ was spotted waiting for his to-go order at Delfina. He was reportedly “chatting with some of the diners” and “looked very dapper in a suit with lavender tie.”

A tablehopper reader spotted ~Redfoo~ from the L.A. group LMFAO at the chef’s counter at Grand Café. He ate a butter lettuce salad and what appeared to be beef bourguignon. But here’s the odd part: rumor is, he opted not to use his fork….

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