August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011

The plate Jane Fonda signed for chef Ong.

The lovely ~Jane Fonda~ was back in town, visiting Betelnut in Cow Hollow, where she tried the dragon dumplings, firecracker shrimp, green beans, tapioca pudding, and mochi, and had a Belvedere martini up with an olive (atta girl). Chef Alex Ong said in a tweet: “Such a gracious lady. Still beautiful & witty.” She even autographed plates for chef (pictured) and a server. In a note to me, chef Ong said, “Very gracious, charming & absolutely lit up the room.”

She also paid a repeat visit to Chez Panisse (revealed in one of her own tweets, in which she said, “No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to Chez Panisse! mmmm.”).

Lat week, the fabulous ~Bette Midler~ was reportedly spotted dining at Quince.


Park Tavern’s Anna Weinberg with the fabulous Gena Rowlands.

One of my favorite actresses, ~Gena Rowlands~ was at a wrap party for the film Olive at the soon-to-open Park Tavern on Sunday. Guests were served cocktails like the It’s a Wrap and green olive martinis (natch). One of the investors for Park Tavern, Chris Kelly, bankrolled the film (hence the smart location for the party).


Ricki Lake at Twitter (photo from her Twitter feed).

A tipster writes: “Guess who stopped by for dinner at Venticello last Wednesday night looking very summery against our SF fog?” It was none other than the recently engaged ~Ricki Lake~, who came in with a party of six. She was reportedly “bubbly and gracious,” and her Twitter feed reports she was in town visiting Twitter, UStream, and Zynga.

Comedian ~Dave Chapelle~, who was reportedly “looking particularly buffed up,” was at the new Cupola Pizzeria in the Westfield San Francisco Centre. He had a casual lunch of a margherita pizza and just about every appetizer from the menu with a group of about six adults and kids. He seemed to have a great time and even held up a slice of pizza and winked at the pizzaiolo. He was in town for a show at Yoshi’s in Oakland and made a surprise appearance onstage at Outside Lands a couple weekends ago.

According to a tweet, ~David Duchovny~ was spotted on Saturday by the Blue Bottle Ferry Building staff. He was in town to race in San Francisco’s triathlon at Alcatraz (you can check out his race results here).