September 27, 2011

September 27, 2011

This was one lucky reader, who got to sit next to ~Jake Gyllenhaal~ at Foreign Cinema on a Sunday afternoon. The tipster reports: “He was dining on French toast and he was with two other ladies, presumably screenwriters because they were discussing a script.” Le swoon.

Secretary of State ~Hillary Clinton~ was in town, and was spotted at Boulevard (along with George Shultz and Leon Panetta), and a reader emailed me hot from the dining room at Zuni Café to say she was “dining at Zuni Cafe right now!!!” Grub Street has some color on Hillary’s Zuni visit, sharing that she drinks whiskey sours. Atta girl.

Let’s file this tweet on Sunday from davitydave in the random (and unconfirmed) sighting file: “Note to stalkers: ~Ke$ha~ is currently eating Chinese food at Brandy Ho’s in the Castro.” Maybe she was attracted to the name of the restaurant. (Oooh, snap!)

A tipster spotted ~Brian Boitano~ at Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem in the Mission on a Saturday night.

Olympic gold medalist ~Carl Lewis~ recently had lunch at the The Plant Cafe Organic Embarcadero, ordering the wasabi burger, a spinach salad, and strawberry margarita smoothie.

Actor ~Kevin Weisman~ (he played Marshall Flinkman on Alias) hung out at the bar at Ace Wasabi’s Rock-N-Roll Sushi on a Sunday evening for a couple hours.

Where else would ~Mike Rowe~, host of Dirty Jobs, be having beers? That’s right, at Grumpy’s, according to a spotter.

It’s been too damn long since I’ve had an ~MC Hammer~ sighting, but fortunately 4505 Meats spotted him at the Eat Real Fest over the weekend, so now I relax. Been wondering when he was going to pop up again—I was way overdue for some Hammertime.

A reader writes: “I was having a wonderful anniversary dinner at Quince last night and ~Bobby Flay~ was there dining with two women, not exactly sure who they were. Later in their meal, Michael Tusk came out of the kitchen to say hello.”