January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012

Susan Sarandon  was seen dining at ~BISTRO BOUDIN~ on Sunday afternoon with what looked like a couple associates. The group was seated at one of the restaurant’s large marble tables that overlooks the bay with a view of Alcatraz. Susan ordered an Irish Coffee (atta girl), dined on the linguine and clams for her entrée, and here’s the best part: she asked the chef for a generous amount of garlic to be added. Not afraid, that Susan. Besides, when you’re that gorgeous, you can have the worst dragon breath in the world and people will still want to make out with you.


Photo of John Waters avec fans via Mission Mission.

After last week’s sighting of ~John Waters~ at Rebel, now Mission Mission shares a sighting (and picture!) of him catching the Micro Mtns show at The Knockout. Way to hit the local hangouts, John!

According to some buzz on Facebook, ~Ruth Reichl~ (in town for the Good Food Awards) and ~Alice Waters~ dined at Locanda on Friday night for dinner. As co-owner Annie Stoll commented, “So much fun to have them in. They are both such lovely joyous people!” (I love that comment, what a great impression to leave.)

A couple sightings at Boulevard: ~Peter Coyote~ and author ~William C. Gordon~ (and husband of Isabel Allende) both came in for lunch separately.

~Michael Franti~ (Spearhead) had a quick dinner with his girlfriend at One Market (he even cozied up next to her on the same side of the table). He was reportedly “super friendly” with the staff and introduced himself as Mike. Mike?

A tablehopper follower on Twitter let me know ~Sophia Bush~ (Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill) was spotted at Ram’s Gate Winery, the swank new winery that’s on the way to Sonoma.

According to a tweet, ~Joe Montana~ had lunch at Café de la Presse last week.