February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012

At last night’s pop-up dinner at Bar Tartine with Sarah Kirnon, there were a couple very special guests in the packed house: ~Dave Chapelle~, who is a big fan of Kirnon’s cooking, and ~Michael Pollan~, who was overheard saying it was the best fried chicken he’s had in his life. I’d have to agree.

This post on the nopa blog shares the story that ~John McEnroe~ tried to come in to nopa at the end of brunch service, but they were able to steer him to Nopalito instead, where he had the famed carnitas with a ginger lemonade.

A tablehopper reader writes in to tell me he was enjoying his first visit to Benu, and ~Mark Zuckerberg~ and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan came in for a quick dinner. Yes, quick. Ends up Zuck and his lady were really nice but also exhausted, so they requested the kitchen to speed up the 17-course meal (my spotter says the couple came in after him, and left before he did).


Chefs Eric Ripert and Laurent Manrique, and Anthony Bourdain. Photo from Twitter.

According to a tweet, chef ~Eric Ripert~ and ~Anthony Bourdain~ came in to Café de la Presse for a surprise lunch late on Friday. (Ripert was also spotted at nojo having lunch that day—did he double down?)